Louvers are an original decoration of any interior

Louvers decorate your interior and protect rooms both from burning sun rays and accidental glances of outsiders. Louvers match ideally cozy interiors of rooms and rigorous designs of modern offices. The classification of its constructions depends on the materials that are used during the production and orientation of lamellae. 

So, taking into account orientation of lamellae , louvers are divided into two main types: horizontal and vertical. Horizontal louvers are set in rooms of any designations. Vertical louvers are often made of fabric. They look like curtains or hangings and become the best decision in decoration of living premises.

How to classify louvers in accordance to material they are made of?

Fabric louvers. Thanks to the affluent assortment of any possible colors you can chose decorative elements for any rooms. Polyester that is used in production cleans easily and doesn’t practically fade on the Sun.

Aluminum louvers. These products reliably protect your rooms. But they make noises at any wind blow. Louvers of this type are usually set in industrial premises.

Wooden louvers. The cost of quality constructions of this type is pretty high. Louvers are notable for its perfect appearance. They are easy to care. It’s enough to use a high-capacity vacuum cleaner To dust louvers.